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Maths Factor Programme

Carol Vordemon has now granted free access to her ‘Maths Factor’ website, which is an excellent  online Maths programme for children aged 4-11.  This programme will greatly help with teaching your children Maths at home. 

This is an excellent resource for revising the maths topics we have covered in school so far this year as well as introducing new skills and maths concepts to our pupils. Click here or on the image to enter the ‘Maths Factor Park’. 

Carol Vorderman offers free maths lessons for schoolchildren ...

Addition and Subtraction 









Shape and Symmetry




Measures (Length, Capacity & Weight)













Problem Solving








Place Value (Tens and Units)





Ordering and Sequencing Numbers 



100 Square Activities 





Ordinal Numbers




Odd and Even 



Great Websites for Maths Games

The Topmarks Blog   Can IXL be used for homeschooling? - Quora     

Smart Boarding School site logo      image: title     

Scoilnet - Irish National Organisation for Teachers of English






Phonics and Blending Digraphs














Stories and Games






Handwriting Games 


Letter & Number Tracing Game Play | Crazy Game Zone - YouTube  BBC Bitesize – eslbypaula










                             Alphabetical Order                                                 Capital Letter Games

Alphabetical Order Game Capital Letter Games

Days of the Week                                    Months of the Year   


Plurals                                                               Full Stop




Typing Skills

      Keyboard Climber 2 |

Key-Man -       The Typing of the Ghosts • Free Online Games at PrimaryGames