Ms Flanagan’s Class

The Children of Lir

The children listened to the story of the ‘Children of Lir’.

Together the class sequenced the story and created freeze frames of the key points in the story.

Then they shared the thoughts of their characters through thought tracking during the final carousel performance.

Planting Seeds

This week in Room 22, we have been learning about the conditions plants need to grow. Plants need water, sunlight, air and soil to grow.

With the help of Ms. Cunningham, we planted potatoes, strawberries, carrots, turnips, chives, spinach and lettuce!

We carefully followed the steps of the planting procedure which instructed us to half fill the containers with compost. Next we added our  plants to the containers and covered them with more compost. Then we watered the plants until the soil was damp.

We will be keeping  a close eye on our plants over the next 3-4 weeks.

We expect to see the strawberries blossom and the potatoes and other plants to sprout. Watch this space!


The Antarctic Region

During the month of January, Room 22 took part in an ‘Antarctic Region’ themed Aistear. Aistear is a subject in which the children learn through play.

Some of the activities included…

playing in role as scientists observing penguins in Antarctica…

molding polar animals out of play-dough (which we made ourselves)…

writing a ‘Winter’ acrostic poem…

and even investigating to find out how it feels for a penguin to swim in icy water with a layer of blubber under its coat of feathers…

After our fun learning experience we were left shivering with glee!


Fighting Words

On Thursday 20th December, Room 22 visited ‘Fighting Words’ in Drumcondra. Here we had the chance to write our very own book!

Firstly we had to discover the secret password to enter the writing room through the bookshelf. Upon entering, we met the ‘Fighting Words’ team. We worked together to plan our story. An illustrator was present to draw the illustrations for our book.

After we planned our story entitled ‘No More Cheesecake!’, the class split up into mini groups. In these groups, the children worked with a mentor to write their own version of the story.


As our story was so interesting, the editor decided to print an individual copy of the book for every child in the class. The children’s books were personalised with their own picture.

‘No More Cheesecake!’ is only available in AMAZING bookstores so keep your eyes peeled!



This week we were learning about the origins of Hallowe’en, how it used to be celebrated and how we celebrate it today.

Room 22 were unrecognizable in their Hallowe’en costumes.

We had a frightfully fun time!