Ms O’ Connor’s Class


Pizza Party

Today all of the second class children had a pizza party in the garden to celebrate the end of our time in the Junior school and to reward us for all of our hard work over the last four years! The pizza was delicious and we even let the teacher’s have some!!!!

Soccer Blitz

All of the second classes in St. Fiachra’s took part in a soccer blitz yesterday on the Astro pitch. All of the classes played very well. Ms Lee’s class won the blitz and our class came second! 

School Tour

We went to DCU for our School tour this year and we had a great day! We got to try lots of fun activities and have a picnic with our friends!

Sports Day

We had great fun this year for sports day!

Active Week

We had great fun this year for Active Schools Week! We learned to play a new sport everyday with special coaches from the local area! We learned how to play Kick-boxing, Athletics and Ultimate Frisbee! We went on a whole school walk to ‘Walk a mile with a Smile’! The teachers and parents played Dodgeball and a Tug-of-War on Thursday, it was great fun watching it! On Friday we had an Ice-cream picnic as a reward for all of our hard work!


Frog Life Cycle

We have been learning about life cycles in nature and today, Turtle, who works with a wildlife sanctuary in Dublin came to visit our class, and teach us about the life cycle of a frog. She brought frog spawn in with her and we got to see them swimming around,  it was very interesting!

First Holy Communion

Our class made their First Holy Communion this year on the 11th May. Everyone who made their communion had a part in the mass and we had a really special day!



We have been working on our report writing skills so for the month of June each pupil in our class had to design a project to present to our class. The project’s we created were very interesting and the presentations went very well everyday! We really enjoyed listening to each other’s projects and quizzing the class at the end of our presentations to check if they were listening!


Fiachra’s Department Store

For our final Aistear topic, we were allowed to choose the theme ourselves and we decided to set up our own Department store, as we were learning about money! We were responsible for setting up the aistear role play area, we designed our own props and signs and we even made our own ATM! We called our department – ‘FDS’ – ‘Fiachra’s Department Store. We worked really hard to make our store a success and we really enjoyed shopping there every morning!!!

We have really enjoyed our Art lessons this year. Here are some of the lovely pieces of art we have created!



We had so much fun in school this week! We created Bunny ‘flowerpots’ and we planted seeds in them! We learned about Easter traditions all over the world. On Friday morning we went on an Easter Egg hunt with our class. On Friday afternoon we went to our annual school easter raffle. So many children from our class won eggs and other prizes like books and colouring sets. We cheered and clapped for all the winners!



We have been learning about in Italy in school so our class decided to turn our Aistear area into a pizzeria for this month. 

In the first aistear station we learned how to make playdough and we created eight different colours. We then used this playdough to make playdough pizza with eight different types of toppings! We really enjoyed this station and we made some amazing looking pizzas.


In our role-play area we made signs and badges for all the pizza parlour staff and customers, we labelled all of our equipment and food, we dressed up as chefs,waiters and customers and worked hard to serve up the best pizzas St. Fiachra’s has ever seen. It was so much fun!!!

In our baking station we learned how to make ‘mini pizzas’ using all of our favourite toppings – they were delicious

In our writing station we learned how to create our own menus for our new restaurant – St. Fiachra’s Pizza Parlour 

Lastly in our Maths station we learned about fractions by cutting and sticking 2D pizzas!


We had so much over the last week taking part in all of the Seacthtain na Gaeilge activities in our school. We have been learning how to do Irish dancing each week and we had a ceili this week in the hall with all the second class children.

We had a parade with the whole school on Thursday.  We all dressed up in Green and sang the Irish songs we have been learning in class.



In Art we made A Leprauchain chain with a pot of gold to bring us good luck!!!



St Fiachra’s JNS Spring Clean

Our school took part in a Spring Clean this  week. We did a fantastic job cleaning and tidying our classrooms, the school corridors as well as the school grounds.


An Nuacht

Táimid ag foghlaim conas ár nuacht laethúil a rá i nGaeilge.

Seo dalta ó Seomra 21 lenár nuacht laethúil




Today we celebrated World Book day in our school. We dressed up as characters from our favourite books and we brought in some of our favourite books to read!

We had ‘DEAR’ time i.e.:  ‘Drop Everything And Read in school today, it was great fun!


We have also been taking part in the ‘Share a Story’ challenge all week. We read a book to ourselves and also to a friend! In our classes we have been talking about our favourite authors and we are learning how to write book reviews, make bookmarks and design book covers!


Pancake Tuesday

We  learned about Shrove Tuesday today in class.  We wrote out pancake recipes and acrostic pancake poems while each group had the chance to make real pancakes and decorate them with our favourite toppings. Our pancakes were delicious!


Play Pact Week in St. Fiachra’s 

The pupils of St. Fiachra’s Junior school took part in the Play Pact challenge this week! The purpose of the play pact is to reduce our daily screen time and be more active in school and at home! This means spending less time on devices including: laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones and being in front of the TV. The pupils had great fun this week learning how to the knit, to play new board games and engaging in outdoor activities such as hopscotch, chasing or hide and-seek.

iPADs in St. Fiachra’s

We have recently introduced two set of iPADs into St. Fiachra’s Junior School and the pupils in Room 21 have really enjoyed engaging with these new devices every Thursday! We have learned so many new ICT skills and we are really enjoying playing Maths, Irish, Literacy, Music and SESE activities on these iPADs!



Happy Chinese New Year

We have been learning all about China in our class. Alan from our class is from China and he told us many interesting things about where his family come from! We learned how to use the Chinese Calendar. Did you know that 2019 is the year of the Pig!!!!  We how lots of fun learning how to write our names using ‘Chinese Symbols’ , we made ‘Chinese Lanterns’ for art this week and we wrote a factfile about China!



Aistear: Antartica

Our aistear theme for this month is Antartica. We have had great fun in our role play area pretending to be antarctic explorers working and living in Antartica. We worked in the weather station, performing daily weather reports, studying antartic animals and preparing for antartic expeditions to the South Pole.

For SESE we studied many famous polar explorers such as Tom Crean and Ernest Shackleton, we read many books about these explorers to carry out research into their lives, we mapped their famous expeditions, we completed factfiles and timelines based on their lives and we used our IPAD time each week to create an E-book of life of Tom Crean.

In Art we created Penguins portraits using oil pastels, we learned to make paper snowflakes to decorate our research lab and we created and painted 3D penguins which turned out very well. This has been our favourite aistear theme to date in our class and we learned so many interesting things about the polar regions.

Science Week 2018

As part of our Science Week activities this year, the second classes in our school attended a Forensic Science workshop! This workshop developed curiosity in Science amongst our pupils and showed them how science plays an important role in the world around them!


GAA in St. Fiachra’s 

We have had great fun learning how to play Hurling on our Astro Pitch with Sean, our GAA coach!

Christmas in Room 21

HO HO HO!!!! We had a very busy few weeks in our class preparing for all the christmas festivities in our school. First we had a visit from ‘Elfis’, one of Santa’s elfs, who came to visit our class for the 30 days of Christmas, we had great fun making clothes, books and toys for him to play with and we left him a little snack everyday before we went home! We went to see the Christmas panto in DCU and we sang in our own christmas carol service in the church!]For our aistear theme this month we turned our class into Santa’s workshop – we made christmas decorations, we wrote letters to Santa, we learned how to make minced pies and we also attended the Elfis Academy of Excellence! It really was a great month! Happy Christmas Everyone!!!


Maths Week 2018

The pupils in Room 21 took part in Maths Week activities and Problem Solving challenges in our school this week! We love playing Maths Games in our class and we really enjoyed going on the Maths Trail around our school!

Happy Hallowe’en 

There have been lot’s of spooky activities taking place in our classroom this month and the pupils in Room 21 have had great fun during Aistear this Hallowe’en! 

Our class decided to set up a ‘Spooky Potion’s Den’ in our classroom as our Hallowe’en role play area! We have had great fun writing magic potions in our writing station and then bringing our potions to life in our Potion’s Den!

Our school dressed up in scary costumes and we all took part in the Halloween parade on the last day of school before the Hallowe’en break! It was ‘spooktacular’!!!

Our Visit to Fighting Words

Our class went on a trip in this month to visit the ‘Fighting Words’ writing centre to take part in a creative writing workshop! The pupils wrote an original story, deciding on the characters and plot and wrote the story together sentence by sentence, editing at each stage, whilst an artist was on hand to provide illustrations. The class wrote the first part of the story together as a group, then each child had the opportunity to write their own individual ending to the story. The story and illustrations were bound, and each pupil received a copy of the book to take home, which was personalised with a photo of each student on the cover! The children in Ms O’ Connors class really enjoyed this visit to ‘Fighting Words’ and they are looking forward to creating more stories in our class this year!

Our School Cookbook

We had great fun dressing up for our school cookbook photo-shoot in the Pastoral Centre.

September Aistear: At the Airport 

  The boys and girls in Ms O’ Connors class have been enjoying visiting the Travel Agents and the Airport over the last month.The children in Room 21 set up our very own travel agency. We had lots of fun discussing the various holiday destinations and learning how to chose a holiday destination and book flights!  Once they had booked their holiday, they then collected their tickets and passports before heading through security and boarding their flights. 


In the writing station, the pupils really enjoyed learning how to created passports, boarding cards, security checklists and in-flight menus to use in the airport!


At the Junk Art station the pupils are creating 3D airplanes from recycled bottles and other items. The children also created luggage and many other props for our Airport!  


In the construction area the pupils enjoyed creating a small world version of ‘Dublin Airport’, with runways, control towers and airplanes!


Finally, and our favourite of all, is the Airport role play area! Our classroom was transformed into an airport and with a bit of creativity and imagination a row of chairs becomes an airplane! The pupils have learned to pack and weigh their luggage, buy and fill in tickets, checked the information board for flight details!


We were also very lucky to have a visit from Alex’s Grandad, who works as a security officer in Dublin Airport! He told us many interesting facts and stories about Dublin Airport and the class really enjoyed his visit!


Working hard on our first day of 2nd Class!

by Ms O’ Connor