Ms Lee’s Class


Happy Mother’s Day 💕


St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations 

Aistear:The Department Store 

The children in Room 20 set up a Department Store. They made all the signs for the various shops. In Junk Art they made lots of great things like an ATM machine, baskets, trolleys and vouchers! They wrote shopping lists and they worked out change using money! 


Pancake Tuesday 

On Pancake Tuesday we wrote about how to make pancakes. Then we made them in class! They were yummy!!!!





Perfect Projects

This month the children in Room 20 each created a project on a country that interested him/her. The children learned so much from each other and had lots of fun with their homework. Each child presented to the class and answered questions about his/her country of choice!



Cafe & Daily5 Activities 

In Room 20 we get to choose an activity everyday for Literacy. It could be read to self, read to someone, word work, work on writing or listen to reading! 




Our Christmas Carol Service



Aistear: The Pizza Parlour  

The children in Room 20 set up a Pizza Parlour. They had so much fun making pizzas with lots of gorgeous toppings! They created some wonderful things in Junk Art and wrote menus for the restaurant. In Maths they were learning about fractions. They also learned lots of things about Italy this month.


Room 20 set up a Halloween shop with lots of different costumes. We made our own play doh and used this to make pumpkins and spiders! We worked together to make a spooky house in Construction.


Aistear:The Airport

In September Room 20 learned all about the airport. In Role Play we checked in at the airport and we brought our luggage through security! We then got on the plane and the pilot took us to our destination! In Construction we made airports, runways, security gates and luggage. We also designed our own passports!