Mrs Kearin’s Class

June 2019

It’s hard to believe that second class is finished. The children have worked very hard all year! We were busy this month engaging with ‘Active School Week’ and orienteering. Active week, sports day, second class soccer blitz and the school tour kept us very busy!


We had a surprise pizza party to end the year and celebrate the great time we had in second class 🙂



May 2019

May has been a busy month. In P.E. we have been practicing our hockey skills and are looking forward to playing a hockey game.


The children making their First Holy Communion have also been busy getting ready for this very special day.

April 2019

This month, we had a special visit from ‘Turtle’. We learnt lots of interesting facts about amphibians. Turtle brought in tadpoles for us to see up close. It was a very exciting day!


March 2019

As part of National Spring Clean, each class was designated an area of the school to tidy up. Our class worked very hard in the sensory garden to keep it nice and clean.



We are very excited to engage with the ‘Scratch Jnr’ programme. Today, our class had their first coding lesson with Ms. Cunningham. There were lots of very creative programmes made. It was very interesting and we had lots of fun! 

 We had an exciting day on the 5th of March – we made pancakes in Room 19. Everyone chose their favourite toppings and enjoyed their pancakes 🙂


February 2019 

We have been busy in Room 19 learning about the Arctic. We learnt some very interesting facts about life in the Arctic and Arctic animals. Some children in the class brought in some very interesting books they have been reading which gave us lots of facts about the Arctic.

To finish off learning about the Arctic, we each created penguins, which were displayed in our classroom.