Ms Mc Culloch’s Class

Ice-Cream Party!!

We had a special treat at the end of the school year!



Our School Tour – Clonfert Pet Farm

We had such a fun day, we met so many animals, played crazy golf, jumped on the bouncy castle, and we even went on a zip-line!



Junk Art

We got creative with some of our recycling! Look at what we made!


Buon appetito!

We have been learning about Italy. We learned that some popular foods in Italy are Pizza and Pasta. We decided to make our own pizzas!


Look at our Green Fingers!

We planted lots of different types of seeds, we planted spinach, beans and beetroot.

We made sure they got lots of light and water. They grew so tall!

Maths Exploration

We were learning about Measures in Maths.

We learned how to measure lots of things in our classroom and then we decided to measure our school yard.

We used trundle wheels and meter sticks.



Pancake Tuesday

We wrote about making pancakes.

Then we ate some!!




Blast Off!

We were learning about gravity.  We experimented with forces.

We used the force of the compressed air in the balloon to power our rocket along a line of string.

Take a look at how we got on!