Ms Casey’s Class

UNO Final time!!

Ms. Cunningham has kindly been teaching us how to play UNO! We had an UNO final in the hall between our class, Room 13, Room 16 and Room 22. We were so proud that Jake in our class won! Well done Jake!!

Board Game Madness!!

We had a really fun afternoon of playing our favourite board games….

with no shoes on! 🙂

Active Week 2019

Active week has kicked off in Room 15! We walked “A Mile with a Smile” this morning. Check out our tired but smiley faces!!

Stay tuned for more active updates…



Viva L’Italia!!

We have some exciting news in room 15. We welcomed a new friend into our class at Easter. Patrizia lived in Italy, so we thought it would be interesting to learn all about her country, and maybe even practise a few basic Italian phrases! We had lots of fun learning all things Italian .

We even got to open our own pizzeria. We made healthy pizzas with our favourite toppings! What a treat!

We learned about two very famous Italian artists, Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo. We painted our own version of the Mona Lisa in art. Of course we had some Pavarotti playing in the background. We were amazed when we noticed that it looks like her eyes are always following you.

We also stuck some paper under our desks and imagined that we were painting the ceiling of the Sistine chapel while lying on our backs. This was much more tiring than we expected it to be. Poor Michelangelo!!

Here are a few fun facts that we learned! 🙂

Some Egg-citing Learning!

We have been very busy in room 15 learning all about the egg!  It was really interesting to explore what is inside a raw egg, and to learn about the functions of each part! Did you know that a baby chick grows from a small spot on the yolk called the egg cell??

We investigated in groups and sorted the animals that hatch from eggs from the animals that grow in their mummy, and are born. We also learned about the life cycle of a chick! We couldn’t agree which came first, the egg or the chick? What do you think?

Finally, we wrapped it all up with a very egg-citing experiment – “The Bouncy Egg”  We covered an egg in vinegar and will leave it for the next 4 or 5 days to see what happens. We made some predictions about what we think will happen to the egg. The vinegar will hopefully dissolve the shell, and leave the egg feeling rubbery! We can’t wait to see if the egg will bounce!!

Spring Clean 2019

We got our gloves on last week, and did lots of sorting and cleaning. Our job was to make sure that the second class yard was completely rubbish free!

We were so excited to win the tidiest classroom award at the end of the week!!

Easter is coming!

The Easter bunny has arrived in Room 15! We must be on our best behaviour!

Have a look at the note he left for us…

Measuring in Maths!

We have been busy learning about length in maths. We worked in pairs outside, estimating and measuring with a metre of wool. Have a look at what we got up to…

Smoothie Time!

We made some delicious, healthy,  yummy, pink smoothies today for breakfast! Can you spot the adjectives, which we’ve been learning about?

When we finished making and tasting the smoothies, we got busy practising our procedural writing by writing up the smoothie recipe!

World Book Day 7/3/19

We had lots of fun dressing up as our favourite characters from the books that we love. Have a look at our costumes!

Coicís na Gaeilge

We are having lots of fun celebrating Coicís na Gaeilge. We have been practising lots of Irish dancing for the céilí next week. We learned two songs, Trasna na dTonnta and “This is Me” as Gaeilge. We loved performing them at the ceolchoirm last week.

Planting and Growing

We planted Cornflower seeds.  We learned that all plants need sunlight, water and soil to grow.

Making Butter!

We learned about how butter was made long ago. We used all of our our muscles to shake up jars of cream. We then tasted our homemade butter on crackers!

Máirt na bPancóga

We celebrated Pancake Tuesday by writing pancake recipes, and of course we had to taste them too!!


In maths, we are have been learning about capacity. We experimented with pasta, rice, water and sand. We filled lots of different sized containers. We really enjoyed making potions with coloured liquids. We also learned about the litre.


We are so lucky to have Ms. Curtis in with us for the next 3 weeks. She has been doing lots of fun things with our class. Have a look at the art we did, inspired by the artist Wayne Thiebaud! We decorated cupcakes using lots of brightly coloured materials.