Mrs Farrell’s & Mrs Caulfield’s Class

Diary of some Wonderful kids

                                                                       First Class     Room 13

June 19

We had a wonderful tour to Clonfert Farm with lots of fun activities. We pet the animals, rode on ‘tractors’, played golf and enjoyed our picnic lunch.

The weather wasn’t great but it didn’t dampen our spirits !!

We enjoyed active week including Parents V Teachers Dodgeball…hard to separate them! We had a football tournament among all firsts and the school was awarded another Active Flag. We had a great week.

We were very proud of our class winning the 1st class Quiz.

There was a prayer service in the church to thank God for our great year together. Some of us read a prayer while others sang in the choir, it was lovely.

On the last day we had a word searching game outside and all went to the hall for our final Assembly. Congratulations on full attendance.

Then it was party time and our final farewell to 1st class. Thanks so much to you all for making this a wonderful year.

Lots more fun and learning ahead in 2nd class.  Yay….we’re the seniors now!!!

May 19

Some of us got busy outside while the choir was practising;  digging and planting in the courtyard.

The others got their turn too.

We learned about Italy ; its beautiful buildings, like the Colosseum; its art, we learned about Leonardo Da Vinci; its music from Pavarotti’s’ Nessun Dorma’ to ‘That’s Amore’ in ‘Lady and the Tramp’ and italian food….we even chose toppings to make our own pizzas and enjoyed eating them.

On our Science Day we moved from room to room learning about Magnets, Floating and Sinking, Materials,Construction and Fingerprinting. There were lots of Hands-On activities and we all had different favourites.

April 19

In April we learned about the farm and its produce as we’ll be going to a farm on our school tour in June. As a science experiment we tried our hand at making butter. Then we wrote down the procedure and used our imagination to give our product a name, design a logo and write an advertisement. You’d be scared by some of the pricing-42 euro a kilo, we need a little more work on marketing but it tasted lovely !!


We’ve done some very creative work on the ipads, taking photos ,doing quizzes and learning about coding with Ms Cunningham.

For Easter we made some chocolate nests and eggs to bring home (not sure some of them made it all the way!) and  you can see some of our art on the tables too. We also enjoyed taking part in the school raffle.

We can’t all be winners but we raised lots of money for the Poor Children

March 19

We had a busy time in March with lots of activities beginning with Pancake Tuesday and treats for all.

We dressed up on World Book Day showing characters we like in books we’ve read. Thank you Mammies and Daddies for getting involved.

As part of  ‘Coicís na Gaeilge’ we were visited by ‘An Cailleach Santach’ (The Greedy Witch) and enjoyed lots of audience participation.

We dressed up again for the school parade for  St.Patrick’s Day.

Still in March (!) it was our turn to show our skills in school Assembly. We sang songs, said poems and had a little conversation in Irish also using some of the’Lámh’ sign language we have learned.

February 19

We had fun in February measuring things inside and outside the classroom using different units.

At P.E. we set up different stations and took turns at each one.


We enjoyed the story ‘Peace at Last’ and based our Art on it.

We were very creative with our construction art from Castles to playgrounds!

January 19

We celebrated our wonderful grandparents on Grandparents Day and were delighted to have a visit from Drew’s granny whom we quizzed about school long ago. We all got a chance to think of questions before she came and had looked at black and white photos of what it used to be like: separate boys and girls classes, desks for two with inkwells,  toilets  down the corridor and even a big cane!

December  18

Our Christmas Show and Santa Dash

It was great fun to have all our families in for our Christmas Show.

We visited the crib and raised money for sick children in the Santa Dash on the day of our holidays.

November 18

We had lots of fun at the Forensic Workshop during Science Week and managed to guess the culprit from all the evidence and found her GUILTY!

We learned all about the importance of wearing a seatbelt when travelling and pledged to become Seatbelt Sheriffs in our families.

We designed posters and all earned our badges and certificates.

October 18

We followed trails and did lots of Maths activities.

We posed for the school cookbook to help raise much needed funds. Thanks for all your support!

We also enjoyed dressing up for Hallowe’en

September 18

In September we started in 1st class with two new teachers. We collected leaves on a nature walk and made some lovely prints and rubbings.
the Parents’ Council ran a competition and we had a winner!
We also helped raise school funds on our school walk, thanks everybody.