Ms Ralph’s Class

Pancake Tuesday

We had quite the spread in Room 12 on Pancake Tuesday. From strawberries to marshmallows, honey to nutella, the boys and girls created their own delicious, signature pancakes. At the end of the day we celebrated with a party. It was pantastic!!

Having a beary good time 

We love learning about animals from around the world and this year we learned all about bears! We read about the different foods they eat and decided to investigate our favourite type of bear food with a taste test! We tried honey, crushed berries and even tuna fish!

After our feast, we did what any bear would do… found a dark, shaded place and curled up for a big snooooooze…

Aistear – The Dentist

Aistear is easily our favourite time of the day! We loved learning about the dentist during February.

In our role-play area we dressed up as dentists, nurses, receptionists and patients and used our own experiences at the dentist to help us imagine scenarios to act out.

Over at the small world area, we enjoyed playing in our dentists surgery with fun characters and equipment.

We got crafty at the play-doh station. We made models of healthy meals, teeth, gums and toothbrushes to name a few.

All of this helped us learn about looking after our teeth and the important work of dentists. When Dr. Adrienne came to visit, she was so impressed with our hard work and presented all the boys and girls with their “Mighty Mouth” Certificates.