Ms Ralph’s Class

Our School Tour to Newgrange Farm – 15th May 2019

On Wednesday the 15thMay the boys and girls arrived to school all packed and ready to hit the road! Our Senior Infant tour brought us to Newgrange Farm and it was definitely a highlight for us this year!

First stop the tunnels! You’d be surprised what fun you can have with some tractor tyres and plastic tunnels. We had a blast! We ran, pushed, pulled, rolled, tumbled and climbed our way around the field, laughing all the while.

We had so much fun playing in the sand too. We dug for gold with shovels and spades and operated revolving cranes in the HUGE sandpit! Working together, we built first-rate castles and buildings.

It was time to roll up the sleeves even further in the water circuit where we splashed around and took part in boat races.

We got a real taste of life on a farm when we drove around on John Deere tractors. We navigated on our own and paired up to pedal around the enclosure.

After that it was into the maze for some hide and seek. The hay was stacked as high as the sky! We weaved in and out of the bales, running from one another and trying not to get caught.

The boys and girls got to see many animals on the farm. We fed lambs with milk bottles – just like a baby! They were very hungry and guzzled it all down!

We were a little nervous in the chicken coup – those hens sure can peck – even when the seeds were gone!

We were amazed to see how different hens are as babies when we pet the little chicks. They were so soft and fluffy and didn’t peck at all!

Jack the puppy was definitely a class favourite – he was so cute (but not as cute as COCO!) We would have loved to take him home with us! We made sure to use gentle hands as our tour guide brought him around the group. He was a very young puppy and loved to scuttle around and play 🙂

Then it was time for one more tractor ride around the farm. We cheered and laughed as we saw Goldilock’s home, the Toothfairy’s Palace and Larry the Leprechaun’s washing on the line! By the time we got back to school we were exhausted after a day of non-stop fun.

Easter is here – April 2019

The lead up to Easter was an egg-citing one, packed with fun games and experiences.

We put a new spin on a ring toss game when we tried to land a hoop on the Easter Bunny’s ears! We have great aim in Room 12 and loved cheering on our classmates in our tossing tournament!

Mary Berry would have been proud of us this week when we made our chocolate nests. We gathered the ingredients and followed a simple recipe to create these tasty treats.

The boys and girls showed great hen-durance, crushing all the shredded wheat chunks. We needed to break every little piece before we added in the melted chocolate.

One by one, the children scooped the mixture into a muffin case. It was very tempting to have a sneaky taste, but they were definitely worth the wait! Once our nests were set, we added a little chick and some mini-eggs for a final touch.

Outside in the garden were the tell-tail signs of a furry friend… The Easter Bunny had come and gone, leaving behind a trail of chocolate eggs for the children to find. We really needed our detective eyes as we searched through the plants and flowers. We wrapped up the day watching the movie “Hop” and eating our well-earned Easter treats 🙂


Seachtain na Gaeilge 11ú Márta – 15ú Márta 2019

We were seeing green this week when we celebrated St. Patrick’s day before the school break. The boys and girls did not hold back, dressing head to toe in green.

We put our best foot forward during our morning céilí where we danced the new jigs we had been practising all month. Our favourites were shoo the donkey and the sweets of May.

In the afternoon, off we marched for our parade around the school, listening to traditional Irish music all the way. We are looking forward to seeing the floats in the Dublin parades this weekend with our families.

Of course we had to take some time to learn about the money leprechauns keep in their pots of gold! We examined different coins, sorted change, filled piggy banks and even came up with our own money sums! Those leprechauns would be jealous!

World Book Day – 7th March 2019

This week we welcomed a special visitor to room 12. The Book-Fairy came to share her stories and asked for our help to find some magic in time for World Book Day.

And we did just that! On March 7th the boys and girls in room 12 were replaced with amazing recreations of beloved story book characters! Among them was Willy Wonka, Matilda, Peter Pan, Alice and many more. We showcased our fantastic costumes in a fashion walk and wrapped up the day reading our favourite books.


Discovering China – March 2019

Over the last month we have been learning all about China and it just might be our favourite Aistear theme yet!

We have our very own Chinese Restaurant up and running in room 12 thanks to the hard work of the boys and girls. We take turns as waiters/waitresses noting orders and making prices, customers ordering from menus and Michelin Star chefs busy in the kitchen. It was tricky using chopsticks and balancing trays on one hand, but we got the hang of it!

Hard hats at the ready over in the construction area where the boys and girls have been building famous Chinese monuments. Sometimes we like to work on our own projects, and other times we share the load! It took many hands to recreate the Great Wall of China and we were very proud of our results! Sometimes we even design the inside of these buildings. We like to use our imaginations 🙂

From paper chain dragons to Chinese flags we have become proper little artists too! It was fun making dragons after learning all about the Chinese New Year. Not to mention our panda art – we left the paintbrushes aside for this one and instead found a new use for forks! We dipped in paint and pressed until we had created a fuzzy panda bear face!

Over at small world the boys and girls found themselves in the Asian jungle. Surrounded by pandas, bamboo and Siberian tigers the children enjoyed the fun twist to this area.

Pancake Tuesday – 5th March 2019

We had quite the spread in Room 12 on Pancake Tuesday. From strawberries to marshmallows, honey to nutella, the boys and girls created their own delicious, signature pancakes. At the end of the day we celebrated with a party. It was pantastic!!

Having a beary good time 

We love learning about animals from around the world and this year we learned all about bears! We read about the different foods they eat and decided to investigate our favourite type of bear food with a taste test! We tried honey, crushed berries and even tuna fish!

After our feast, we did what any bear would do… found a dark, shaded place and curled up for a big snooooooze…

Aistear – The Dentist – February 2019

Aistear is easily our favourite time of the day! We loved learning about the dentist during February.

In our role-play area we dressed up as dentists, nurses, receptionists and patients and used our own experiences at the dentist to help us imagine scenarios to act out.

Over at the small world area, we enjoyed playing in our dentists surgery with fun characters and equipment.

We got crafty at the play-doh station. We made models of healthy meals, teeth, gums and toothbrushes to name a few.

All of this helped us learn about looking after our teeth and the important work of dentists. When Dr. Adrienne came to visit, she was so impressed with our hard work and presented all the boys and girls with their “Mighty Mouth” Certificates.