Rainbows St. Fiachra’s

Dear Parent’s/Guardian’s,

We hope you and your family are safe and well at this time.

We are sorry to inform you that the Rainbows programme intended to take place in St Fiachra’s Junior School during term three is unfortunately cancelled due to the current restrictions. If your child is currently in first class, he/she will receive a place in Rainbows in the coming school year 2020-2021, as soon as we are permitted to hold group sessions. If your child is currently in second class, he/she can access Rainbows in resource centres/family hubs/community centre’s locally, which you can access information on the Rainbows website https://www.rainbowsireland.ie/ . The Rainbows office can be reached on 01-4734175 or ask@rainbowsireland.ie


In light of current restrictions we are aware of added tensions and situations in relation to access and custody arrangements being changed for children. Some children may not be spending time with one parent. Their normal routine of shared and co-parenting arrangements may be suspended, with agreement of both parents, due to health and safety concerns.


The experience at a time of a death and funerals has totally changed in this time of restrictions – all the normal rituals and traditions have been suspended. The impact of not being able to see or spend time with, or say goodbye to a family member who is dying will be significant. The death of a family member without the family, or private burials/cremations with none of the normal community rituals or supports, are having a significant impact. For many children who have experienced bereavement or loss, being further or re-triggered with fear and anxiety about themselves and other family members, is a concern in these stressful times.


We endeavour to support your child in the coming school year, however, if your child is experiencing anxiety or emotional upset please don’t hesitate to make contact at rainbowsfiachras@gmail.com and we will do our best to support you. Also, please see helplines listed on the following page, should you require additional support.

Best wishes

Aoife Rynne

Rainbows Coordinator



Barnardos Resources for Parents:

You can find lots of excellent resources for parents from Barnardos by clicking on this link




Looking after your Heart, Body and Mind during the Covid-19 Restrictions


Barnardos Bereavement: Monday – Thursday: 10.00 – 12.00pm – 01 4732110

One Family Helpline:  Separation/Lone Parents Lo-call 1890662212

Legal Aid Board Information Helpline: 1890 615200

Children’s Rights Alliance: Monday 10am -2pm and Wednesday 2pm -7pm.
You can call us on 01 9020494 or email help@childrensrights.ie

New Barnardos Dedicated Helpline: Phone: 1800 910 123 between 10.00am and 2.00pm

Separation/Divorce Guidelines on access during the Corona Virus Restrictions:

Legal Aid Board:

One Family Helpline: Please call “askonefamily” Lo-call 1890662212 if you need extra support.

Treoir: Challenges for separated parents during the Corona virus: (https://www.treoir.ie/)
             Phone: 01 6700 120 for further information

Bereavement Helplines:

The Barnardos Bereavement Helpline is open
Monday to Thursday 10am – 12.00pm: 01 4732110

How to tell children someone has died: (British Psychological Society)

Two new very valuable resources from the Irish Hospice Foundation:
           Grieving in Exceptional times: Video:

Helping Children Grieve during the Corona Virus Restrictions:

Planning a funeral: New from Irish Hospice Foundation

Video: Planning a funeral YouTube:

Winston’s Wish:

Barnardos have opened a more general helpline for wider issues:

New Barnardos Dedicated Helpline: Phone: 1800 910 123 between 10.00am and 2.00pm
Monday to Friday or by emailing