Mrs Mc Corry’s Class

School Year 2018-2019 -First Class

Prefab 11- Mrs. Mc Corry

Hope everyone has a brilliant summer. Be good for your parents. Wishing you all the best of luck for second class.  Mairéad Mc Corry

Monday 24th June

Table Quiz

All the first classes enjoyed a table quiz in the hall today. We were put into teams and there were six rounds plus a picture round. A team from Room 13 won the quiz. We all did very well and had a great time.

Thursday 20th June


Today we did some orienteering.Cones numbered 1-20 were placed around the school. Under each cone was a word. We were put into partners and had to find all the cones and words. When we had all the words found we had to make ten compound words.It was a race and Giordano and Lauren won. Everybody found all the words and were able to make lots of compound words. Well done boys and girls.

Tuesday 18th June

Soccer Tournament

Over the last few weeks all first classes have been involved in a soccer tournament. The girls team and boys team played teams from Prefab 1, 10, room 13,15 and 16. Today it came to an end and we are delighted to tell everyone that the girls in Prefab 11 were the overall winners in the girls category. Unfortunately the boys didn’t win but they put in a great performance. Well done to all involved.

Happy Father’s day to all the wonderful Daddies and Grandads. Hope you all have a fantastic day and like what we made for you.

Active Schools Week 10th-14th June


We have a full week of activities lined up for all the boys and girls in St. Fiachra’s. Today we got the chance to try out kickboxing and ‘The Ultimate Frisby’. We had so much fun. Check out our photographs.

`Wednesday 13th June

School Tour- Clonfert Pet Farm

Even though it was  wet and dreary day we all headed off on the bus with big smiles on our faces. The bus driver drove us to Clonfert Pet farm in Maynooth ,Co.Kildare.

First of all we got to have fun in the indoor soft play area.

Then we got a tour of the farm. There were lots of animals to see. We saw cows,pigs,horses,ponies, ducks, alpacas and llamas, parrots,raccoons,ostriches, hens,rabbits, an owl and a deer. A beautiful peacock was also wandering around the farm all day.

We then had our lunch and enjoyed lots of goodies. After lunch we tried the zipline, crazy golf, played soccer, went on go karts, a bouncing castle and also played in their playground. It was a fantastic day.

Friday 15th June

Sports Day

We had a great sports day. We wore our jerseys and did lots of activities. Check out our video and photographs.

Tuesday 4th June


We had assembly in the hall today. We sang  Ellie Gouldings

‘ How long will I love you’ using our lámh signs. 



We have been learning about Italy  in our class so we did a presentation on what we have learned about Italy.

Then we sung George Ezra’s ‘Shotgun’ as gaeilge. Everybody gave us a big clap afterwards.




Thursday 6th June

Percussion Instruments

We were playing with the percussion intruments. We made lots of different rhythm patterns. We played the game ‘Pass the sound’ so we could try out all the intruments.



This month we have been learning all about beautiful Italy. We looked at many of their famous buildings. We also learned all about their two famous painters Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. We tried to create our own versions of the Mona Lisa. They turned out well. We also stuck some paper under our desks and pretended we were painting the Sistine Chapel just like Michelangelo. It was quite tiring so we don’t think we would have been able to do it for four years like he did. Mount Vesuvius is a very famous volcano and we looked at the way it destroyed the city of Pompeii. We also looked at all the lovely Italian food you can have. We made pasta with passata and Mozzarella cheese.

It was so delicious and we had it for our lunch while listening to the very famous ‘Nessum Dorma’ by Pavarotti. We also listened to the national anthem of Italy Il Canto degli  Italiani and found out about the famous Battle of Oranges in Ivrea.Giordano parents are from Italy and he has been teaching us some Italian. We hope to tell all we know about Italy at our assembly next week.

Marathon May

Monday 13th May

The weather has just started to turn nice so we have just started engaging with ‘Marathon May’. As part of our aim to renew our Active School flag, our school has to engage with a running initiative. Our aim is to run the school ‘Slí na Sláinte’ as many times as possible during the month of May. At the end of the month, we will count up all the laps that were completed to see how far our school ran around Europe. Today we ran around it twice. We did the lap in 1.33 seconds. We hope to do it many more times throughout May. We will be very fit by the end of the month.


Wednesday 8th May

Today we worked with Bee-Bots. First we read the story ‘Bee Bot on Pirate Island’. Then we programmed it to visit several sites on the island to try and find the treasure. It was brilliant fun.

Wednesday 2nd May

Every week we get an opportunity to use the Ipads. Today we were put into teams of two and Teacher gave us a maths and general knowledge quiz using the app Kahoot. We had to choose the correct answer on our Ipads and also try and hit the correct answer in the quickest possible time. It was brilliant fun. Our IT skills are really improving.


Easter Egg Hunt and Raffle

Friday 12th April

It was a very busy morning in Prefab 11 today. First of all we had an Easter egg hunt. We were divided into teams and had to find and read the clues to see where the eggs were. We had great fun on the hunt and found lots and lots of eggs. Afterwards we had the Easter raffle in the hall. Thanks to all for buying tickets. €1,000 was raised.The money will help build schools in Africa.The prizewinners in our room were Jonathan, Adam Hynes, Dylan, Sophie, Mia, Bobby, Robyn and Orla.



Easter Chick Nest Buns

Thursday 11th April

We made Easter Chick Nest Buns. We used cooking chocolate, cornflakes, mini eggs and sprinkles to make them. We heated the chocolate in the microwave, then stirred in the chocolate until they were completely covered. After this we added our chicks, mini eggs,sprinkles and left them to set. They turned out lovely. Check out our photos below.

Making Butter

Wednesday 10th April

We are learning all about the farm. We are learning all about the animals and their young and how different farming was long ago. Today we learned how butter was made long ago.We poured double cream and some salt into empty jam jars and shook them until they turned into butter. It took awhile and our arms were very tired after it. We then tasted them on crackers. They were yummy. We had some extra butter leftover so we each brought a little home.

Monday 8th April

Look who came to visit us -our very own Easter Bunny

Thursday 4th April.

Look at our Funky Easter Bunnies we made in art today.

Tuesday 2nd April

We started ‘Reading Buddies’ today. We all have a buddy from Ms.McPartland’s 4th class.Our buddy helps us with our reading. We read to them and they also read to us and ask us questions on the story. We have ‘Reading Buddies’ every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for four weeks.


Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful Mammies and Grannies. We really enjoyed making our presents for you. Have a look at the pictures. Have a lovely day.

Spring Clean Week

March 24th-29th

We had our annual Spring Clean week. We were given spring cleaning kits and were very busy cleaning outside and inside the school. The school looks great as a result.

World Down Syndrome day

Thursday 21st March

We celebrated World Down Syndrome day on Thursday 21st March. We wore brightly coloured odd socks. Wearing odd socks reminds us that even though your socks are not the same, they still serve the same purpose. It also reminds us that we are all unique. Mia’s mam sent us in lovely buns with odd socks on the icing and a lovely poem with a bookmark attached. We designed posters, practised our lámh signs and spoke about Down Syndrome. The school raised €900 from all the boys and girls in our school.Thanks to everyone for all their support.

Coicís na Gaeilge

4th-15th March

We had a great time celebrating Coicís na Gaeilge. We  learned  the irish dances ‘shoe the donkey’, ‘Ballaí Luimnigh’, ‘ Military two-step’ and ‘Staicín Orna’. We had a ceilí mór in the hall and performed them at it. We also learned the irish songs ‘Trasna na dtonnta’ and ‘An dreoilín’. We dressed up in green on Thursday and had a parade around the school. We also went to a ceolchoirm in the hall where there was lots of singing and dancing. Teacher did some irish dancing on the stage with Ms Brady and Mrs.Kearins. We also went to see an irish play in the hall. It was excellent. We designed shamrocks inspired by the artist Kadinsky. We practised speaking Irish whenever we could. Bhí spórt an domhain againn!

World Book Day

Thursday 9th March

We celebrated World Book Day on Thursday. The boys, girls and Mrs McCorry dressed up as characters from their favourite books. Everybody looked fantastic. A huge thank you to all the parents for their hard work. We did lots of fun activities throughout the day. We talked about our favourite books and characters, did some drama activities such as role play and ‘character in role’ and designed our own bookmarks and book covers. We also had DEAR time ie. drop everything and read. A great day was had by all.


Operation Transformation  

We are trying to get healthier this month by exercising more. We are practicing the ’10@10′ from the Operation Transformation programme. Every morning at 10 am we are doing 10 minutes of exercise. This will help our lungs ,hearts, muscles and bones get stronger.It is also great fun!

We learned all about St. Valentine this month. We made chocolate buns for our Mammies and Daddies. We also made Valentine Robots to show them how much we love them.


Pizza making (Procedural writing)

We made mini pizzas in school. We used flour, margarine and milk for the dough. We rolled it out and put some ham and cheese on top.After that we cut the dough into little circles and placed them in the oven for 20 minutes. They turned out lovely and were really delicious. This month we are learning how to do procedural writing. We use procedural writing when writing instructions,recipes etc. After we made the mini pizzas we wrote the recipe into our copybook.

Paper Construction

We were given different coloured paper and a pair of scissors and let build whatever we liked.We had lots of fun constructing our ideas and made things such as playgrounds,water parks,gardens,wrestling rings and churches.


We are learning all about China. It is the 4th largest country in the world with a population of 1.3 billion. Beijing is the capital city of China. We learned how Chinese new year is celebrated and that according to the Chinese horoscope this is the year of the pig. Sophia brought in fortune cookies for all the class and in art we made Chinese paper chain dragons. Amy’s parents are from China and she told us how they celebrated the Chinese New Year.


We were very busy this month getting ready for Christmas. We were rehearsing our lines and songs for our play ‘It’s a party’. We performed it for other classes and our families on the stage in the hall. The play told the story about the birth of Jesus.It went really well and Teacher was very proud of us. We also had a elf called Bob come to visit us. He was watching us do our work and flying back to Santa Claus every night telling him how good we were. He left us many letters along with some chocolates. We had to go looking for him everyday as he was quite mischievous and we wouldn’t know where  he would be hiding! Finally on the day of the holidays we had a Santa dash around the school. We all wore our Santa hats and had great fun. All money raised went to Focus Ireland.


Friday 30th November

Drum Nature came to visit our school today. Neil Dowling gave the workshop. He allowed us try and play with different drums and percussion instruments from around the world. All the children really enjoyed being actively involved in music making. Some great sounds were travelling through the school from the hall all day.





‘Trick or Treat for Temple Street’

We all dressed up and went on a hallow e’en parade around the school. We had party games in the class and sang many spooky songs. Lots of money was raised for the sick children that are in Temple Street.