Physical Activity

Active Zone

Each class gets a chance to enjoy the Active Zone every week. Our Playground Leaders bring out and return the equipment at the beginning and end of the day.


Here are some classes enjoying our Active School Walkway for our Santa Dash in December.


We also used the Active School walkway for our St. Patrick’s Day parade in March.



Active Breaks

Every class completed the Active Break Every Day challenge in January-February this year.

Room 10 showed us their Bizzy Breaks.



Prefab 12 also created a dance for the whole school to participate in at assembly.



‘Run a Day’ challenge

Every class completed the ‘Run a Day’ challenge, as a whole school initiative, over a period of 4 weeks this year. We ran to The Giant’s Causeway and back, a total of 520km in March-April.

We are celebrating after running to the ‘Giant’s Causeway’ and back


Here are the winners  from each class for our ‘Run a Day’ school challenge


Reducing Sedentary Time

Every class has agreed upon a set of 3 or more actions to decrease sedentary time. Some classes dance, stretch, jump or learn Maths or Irish in an active way.


Junior Infants in Room 2 count with  jumping jacks



Junior Infants in Room 5 count each morning with hopping and skipping



First Class in Room 16 learning the months of the year in Irish while doing the Macarena


Room 21 are skip counting while hopping