Ms. Lenaghan

Boys and girls in Prefab 12 presented wonderful projects to the class based on their chosen countries. They discussed a variety of topics including  food, landmarks, famous people, language, history, sports and customs & traditions.  Well done everyone- fantastic work 🙂

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Prefab 12 made a fantastic effort to dress in the Irish colours for our annual parade.

Christmas Carol Service

Almost showtime 🙂

The boys and girs in Prefab 12 at their final rehersal for their  Christmas carol service

Money Sense

Prefab 12 had a visit from the team at Money Sense. We learned all about what we spend our money on, the difference between needs and wants and most importantly we learned about how to save money!!!

Trick or Treat for Temple Street

For Halloween, Prefab 12 dressed up in their various Halloween costumes to support ‘Trick or Treat for Temple Street’.