Green News

Green Week Competition Winners


Third Green Flag for Water Conservation

Some Good News to Announce!! St Fiachra’s Junior School has just been awarded our Third Green Flag for Water Conservation …
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Green School News

Four children from Second class were invited to a Water Workshop presented by Irish Water and the Green School Programme …
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Green Week 20th – 24th January 2020

This week we are celebrating Green Week here in St Fiachra’s.  The children will be  helping our school and the …
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The Twelve ways of Christmas : Waste Reduction

This festive season we’re all more aware than ever of the need to reduce the amount of waste we create …
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Our 3rd Green Flag

We are currently working towards our 3rd green flag. This year the theme is Water. We have a fantastic committee …
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Green School Committee

Green School Committee We say goodbye & thank you to our outgoing green school committee for all their hard work …
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National Walk to School Week 14th – 18th May 2019

National Walk to School Week 14th – 18th May 2018 The whole school hopped aboard our Walking-Bus on Friday to …
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Spring Clean 2019

School Spring Clean 2019 Congratulations to all the children and teachers who helped to clean our school during St Fiachra’s …
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Water is precious, water is good.

Water is precious, water is good. We need to save it, EVERYONE SHOULD! We are now working towards our 3rd …
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Second Green Flag for Energy

Some Good News to Announce !! The children and staff of St Fiachra’s Junior School were very proud when awarded their 2nd …
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We celebrated our Green Week

16th – 20th April 2019.

National Spring Clean 2019 – April

Congratulations to all the children who helped clean up our school during National Spring Clean week.  The children did a fantastic job cleaning and tidying their classrooms, corridors as well as the yards.

Congratulations – Well done!  

We have 2 new Energy Saving Slogans as we work towards our Second Flag.

Our Junior Slogan was created by Gracie – Mai Keane – Senior Infants Room 10

‘Switch it off, Plug it out,
Saving Energy is what it’s all about’

Our Senior Slogan was created by Kate O’Brien – 2nd Class Rm 21

‘ Saving Energy is Super Cool,
That’s what we do in St Fiachra’s School’

Well done girls!

Very proud moment as we are awarded our first

Green Flag!

Flag (2)

Walk to School Week – May 2016                          

Well done to everyone making a special effort to walk to School for National Walk to School Week. We had great fun aboard the Walking School Bus on Wednesday 18 of May.

National Spring Clean 2016 – April

Congratulations to all the children who helped clean up our school during National Spring Clean week.  The children did a fantastic job cleaning and tidying their classrooms, corridors as well as the yards.

A special congratulations goes to the following classes for having the cleanest classroom in their stream…

Room 8 – Junior Infants

Room 6 – Senior Infants

Room 15 – First Class

Room 21 – Second Class

Well done 🙂

Earth Day 22nd April 2016 –  

Colouring Competition Winners

Junior Infants
Room 1 Abby
Room 2 Abby
Room 3 Amy
Room 4 Aisling
Room 5 Lucy
Room 8 Hallie
Senior Infants
Room 6 Max
Room 7 Eric
Room 9 Amelia
Room 10 Andrei
Room 11 Ryan J
Room 12 Shane
Room 13 Emma
First Class
Room 14 Hannah
Room 15 Leon
Room 16 Orlaith
Prefab 1 Grace B
Prefab 11 Jaydyn
Prefab 12 Darragh
Prefab 13 Emma C
Second Class
Prefab 14 Jakub
Room 18 Alex
Room 19 Aoibheann
Room 20 Karina
Room 21 Jan
Room 22 Grace
Congratulations – Well done!  

We have started work on our Green School Courtyard!!

Boys and girls in 2nd Class have been busy collecting wellies, old CD’s, old watering cans/hose and green 2lt 7up bottles to decorate the area iN true ‘recycling recreating art’.

Our local scouts, beavers and cubs along with some parents have been helping us out with our courtyard and spent some time out of their Mid Term Break to give a helping hand.


556 558 563 564   565  566 569   570 571  574 575         573     577      578


Our theme for the first flag is Litter and Waste.

The children and Staff of St Fiachra’s Junior School are excited to be taking part in the Green School Programme and hopefully obtain ‘The Green Flag’ awarded to school for environmental awareness.

The children in all classes are learning about the 3R’s – reduce, reuse and recyle.  We have 3 bins in each classroom where children are sorting their rubbish to reduce the amount going to landfill and therefor helping our environment.  I’m sure they will be a great help at home too!

The boys and girls of St Fiachra’s Junior School have been working very hard to keep our school CLEAN, TIDY AND ENVIRONMENTALLY AWARE !!!

Our Motto – Created by Rachel Whelan, Room 20


The children is 2nd Class are super at recycling…

pictures pending

Our Week of Action.

Using recycled materials along with reusing materials the children got very inventive, designing and creating works of art.

Our National Flag                                                    The Great Barrier Reef

20150619_140633        306

The Solar System                                                       Earth

20150616_132955          20150619_140522

A beautiful Dolphin


Inspired by one of our own past pupils – Ellen Mannion, the children designed some fantastic fashion creations !

20150619_125249                20150619_140048 20150619_140128

We had some very creative Earth Day artwork..


Our Walk to School bus was a big hit