World Book Day- 5th March

We celebrated World Book Day on the 5th of March. We really enjoyed dressing up as our favourite characters from our favourite books for World Book Day!

Project Work

We have been doing more project work in Room 18 and we are really enjoying it! We have been learning all about Australia over the last couple of weeks and now we are completing projects on Australia in our groups.  

Farewell To Our Friend

On the 7th of February we also said farewell to one of our classmates who is moving away. We will miss our friend but we hope to stay in touch. We had a lovely party together and shared our favorite class memories and school memories. We wish our friend all of the very best on his adventure!

Grandparents Day- 7th February

On the 7th of February we were delighted to welcome some of our Grandparents into our classroom. We began by greeting them with a grandparents poem and then we asked them some questions that we had prepared about their time at school. We really enjoyed listening to all of the Grandparents. They told us what school was like for them and they shared some of their school memories with us..

Green School Week

We have been working hard in our school this year to save water and help our environment. We had a visitor in during Green School Week to help us learn more about the different animals and insects that live in water. ‘Mouse’ brought in samples of pond water for us to investigate. We really enjoyed having Mouse in room 18 and we learned lots of interesting things.

Christmas 2019

Our Christmas Carol Service took place in the Church on Friday 13th December. Thank you to everyone who joined us on the day. We really enjoyed singing for everyone and we hope you enjoyed it too!   Our annual Santa Dash took place this year around the Slí na Sláinte. We really enjoyed it! It was a great way to celebrate the Christmas holidays. We also had a little party.

Sam Maguire

On Monday 16th December Evan Comerford brought the Sam Maguire into our school. Dublin have won the Sam Mcguire for the fifth time in a row. We were delighted to meet Evan and to see the Sam Maguire cup!

Making Butter

We had great fun making butter during science week. We enjoyed eating our homemade butter on some crackers! We also did our procedural writing on how to make butter.

Diwali Dancing

On the 21st of November we had a visitor in to tell us all about Diwali. We learned lots about the history of Diwali and afterwards we learned a Diwali dance. All of the second class children performed the dance at the end of the day. We really enjoyed it!

Fire Safety

In room 18 we have been learning all about fire safety. We learned about the fire station, fire fighters and fire engines. We also made our own fire engines and brought them with us to assembly. We shared our fire safety tips with the other second classes.

Lava Lamps in Room 18!

We were inspired by the science show during science week so on the 15th of November we made lava lamps. We had a great time working together to create the lava lamp. We wrote about what we did in our procedural writing.

Science Show- 13th November

As part of Science week we had the opportunity to watch a really interesting Science show in the hall with all of the other second class children. We really enjoyed helping the scientist make slime and watching him create lightening. We got to see a plasma ball and an air cannon too!  

Trick or Treat for Temple Street- 25th October

On the 25th of October we all dressed up in our Halloween costumes for a fantastic cause. We were delighted to be able to raise money for Temple Street. Here are some photos from the day.

Fighting Words- 24th October

On the 24th of October we visited ‘Fighting Words’ in Drumcondra. We had the chance to write very own book. We planned the story together. We created some very interesting characters. There was an illustrator there to draw the illustrations for our book. Once the story was planned we had the opportunity to write our own version of the story. There were mentors there to help us write our stories..

Maths Week

We had great fun during maths week. We worked really hard in our teams to complete the maths trail around the school. Here are some photos from our maths trail. When we returned to class we created some spooky shape monsters!

Japan- Class project

The Rubgy World Cup is currently taking place in Japan. We were inspired to learn more about Japan. We looked at maps of Japan and learned a lot about the Japanese culture. We learned lots of interesting facts and we decided to create a whole class project about Japan using these facts. Here it is!

Sponsored Walk- 10th October

On the 10th October we went on our sponsored walk with the other children in first and second classes. We had great fun walking around the local area. We would like to thank everyone who sponsored us.

Maths Trail- Castletown House- October 1st

On the 1st of October we went to Castletown House in Celbridge to complete a maths trail. The maths trail involved counting things, identifying shapes, measuring, estimating and lots of team work. We also learned some history along the way! We had a fantastic day and we really enjoyed the trail. Here are some photos from our day out.


On the 17th September we began GAA with Seán on the astro pitch.  We have been having great fun developing our GAA skills and learning some new ones.

Welcome to Room 18!

On Thursday 29th August we arrived back to school for our first day in second class. We discussed some of the things that we are looking forward to in second class. We are all very excited for the year ahead. Keep up to date with room 18 here on our class page.