World Book Day

We had an amazing day dressing up as our favourite book characters!


We have been learning all about the Antarctic. We did some research in school and at home. We used the internet and books to find out information. We talked about how to use the internet safely and to make sure to know our sources! We then worked really hard to put our projects together. Here are some pictures of our busy project work!  

Grandparent’s Day!

We want to thank all of the grandparents that came in to talk to us and answer our questions! We know how much you do for us and we want to say THANK YOU!!!  We learned so much about your days in school, your favourite lunches, your favourite games and your favourite (and not so favourite) teachers!

Fighting Words

On the 18th of November we went to Fighting Words. It was a writing workshop where we learned how to write our very own story. We started off as a group and came up with our main character and the beginning of the story. We then had to go and finish off the story ourselves. An illustrator was there to illustrate the beginning of the story for us. Our books.

Fire Engines!

We learned all about fire fighters and what they do. We learned about the fire station and we were really interested in the fire engines! We decided to make our very own fire engines from recycled materials. We had to make sure they had a hose, a ladder and a siren. Then, we painted them red!

Happy Halloween

Check out our amazing costumes for Halloween!! Scroll down to see our spooky Thriller video!

Maths Week

We worked really hard during Maths Week. We learned about Maths all around us in the classroom and we even went on a Maths Trail  out in the yard! We worked really well in our pairs.

Come on Ireland! on Ireland!

Ireland’s Call We have been learning about the Rugby World Cup in Japan. We did a sweepstakes and each table had 5 teams each. We were very sad when Ireland lost the match on Sunday, but we were still very proud. Here we are belting out Ireland’s Call!