Our Christmas Concert

HO HO HO Dear parents  We recorded a small Christmas concert outside in our school courtyard,  in our class Pods! The children were really excited to record it and show it to you! We have sent you the link to watch the concert on Seesaw but here is a little video of the one of the Christmas poems we learned about this year!   When Santa Got Stuck up the.

Aistear Witches Den

We loved our Witches Den that we set up in our Aistear role play area.  We helped teacher set up the witches den and we came up with some great ideas for how we should decorate the witches den. Every morning a different pod went in to play in the witches den. We dressed up in costumes and we created some amazing potions and spells. It was great fun!

Hallowe’en Fun

We had great fun playing Hallowe’en games this week but our favourite game was the Zombie Wrap Game. We worked as a team to turn one student in each of our pods into a zombie by wrapping them up in tissue. It was great fun!

Monster March

We had  so much fun on our last day of school this term.    We had a Monster March parade in the morning where all the teachers and children in our dressed up in scary Hallowe’en costumes and marched around our school. In the evening we played Hallowe’en games, listened to Spooky stories and sang Hallowe’en songs. It was spooktacular!

Happy Hallowe’en

We’ve had great fun for the last few weeks learning all about the customs and traditions of Hallowe’en. We have made pumpkins collages and scary Hallowe’en characters out of recycled toilet rolls!

Maths Work

We have been learning how to make, continue and finish patterns in Maths   

Phonics Fun

We are learning how to read in Room 8.  We play lots of games to practise our Jolly Phonics sounds and tricky words We have got so good at blending sounds and we are learning to read so many new words everyday!!!  

Yard Time

We have so much fun playing on the yard everyday. We have a special new yard zone for our class to  play in and a special green circle we stand on when yard time is over. We all play together in Room 8 and we have great fun!


We loved learning about Rainbows this week.

Welcome to Senior Infants

We had a great first day in senior infants.  We were so excited coming into Room 8 for the first time and we were so happy to see our friends again and meet our new teacher. We played games, sang songs, drew pictures, practised our writing and listened to a nice story that teacher read about ‘Dinosaur’s first day’ in school.  Our favourite part of the day was when we.