Even though the restrictions meant that we couldn’t do everything we’d normally do at Christmas we still had lots of fun in Room 21. We watched The Sword in the Stone pantomime and we made marshmallow snowmen to dip into our hot chocolate to enjoy during the performance! We did our Santa Dash and we brought lots of art work home. Happy Christmas to Everyone and Best Wishes for the.

Fighting Words

On Friday we had a Fighting Words workshop via Zoom. We wrote our own story and an illustrator drew illustrations to go with it. Then Mrs. McConkey was so impressed she published our story! You can read it on the Fighting Words Website-  https://www.fightingwords.ie/stories/max%E2%80%99s-adventure We will also be getting our own copy of the story so we can keep writing and finish the story however we want. Good work authors!.

Italy in Room 21

We learned about Italy in Room 21. We looked at the art of Leonardo Da Vinci and we marveled at all his inventions. We made some margherita pizzas, the same colours as the the Italian flag and some of us tried basil for the first time. The pizza was so tasty we even brought the recipe home. Ciao!


We were learning about the USA. We sang a song about Columbus. We drew the Statue of Liberty and we made some totem poles using animals from the myth ‘Naming the 4 winds.” There was great interest in the American Election. Room 21 is satisfied with the outcome.

World Book Day-Thursday 5th March

On Thursday we celebrated World Book Day. We dressed up as various characters and shared our favourite books with each other. We designed new book covers for our favourite books. Teacher brought us to the new library in our school and read us a chapter from Matilda. It was a fantastic day.

Happy Valentines Day

Wishing everyone a very Happy Valentines Day. Hope you like the cards we made for you.

Internet Safety Week-10th-14th February.

This week we have been learning about staying safe online. We learned that we should not always trust the information, websites or links we see online. We used the iPads to look up information and Teacher showed us a website that we all thought was real. It wasn’t!!We read ‘Chicken Clicking’ by Jeanne Willis. This book showed us the dangers of buying things online and how we should never give.

Grandparent’s Day-Friday 7th February

On Friday we celebrated Grandparent’s Day. We would like to thank all the Grandparents who came into visit our classroom. Thanks for answering all our questions and for sharing all your stories from when you were young with us. We really appreciate all you do for us and loved having you in with us. Hope you all enjoyed it as much as us.  

Billionaire Boy-Thursday 6th February

On Thursday we went to see the play ‘Billionaire Boy’ in the Olympia theatre. Since Christmas we had been reading the David Walliams book so it was a real treat to see it on stage. The play was fantastic and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  

Polar Lands

We have been looking at the Ends of the Earth-the Polar Lands. The Polar lands are found at the opposite ends of the world in the far north and south, around the poles. They are the coldest and windiest places on Earth. The Arctic surrounds the North Pole and  Antarctica surrounds the South pole. We learned all about the Arctic Fox. Did you know that the Arctic Fox does not.

Mini Soccer Tournament-Friday 10th January

Our class had a mini soccer tournament on Friday.We were divided into four teams. The weather was lovely and we all really enjoyed it. There were plenty of goals and saves!!In the end the red team won. Everyone put in a great effort.

Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year

Wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas. I hope it’s a great one. See you all on the 6th January for a fantastic year ahead.

Christmas 2019

What a fun time we have had getting ready for Christmas. First of all we did a christmas nativity play called ‘It’s a party’ .We learned lots of songs and had such fun rehearsing. We performed it in the hall for Ms.Duffy and her class and all the other first classes. We were so excited to perform on stage for our parents and grandparents. We were amazing!Hollywood here we come!.

Sam Maguire’s visit

On Monday  16th December the Sam Maguire cup came to visit our school. We all dressed in our Dublin colours. Evan Comerford,one of the Dublin goalkeepers brought the cup into our classroom. We were delighted to get our photo taken with him and the cup. UP THE DUBS!!

Assembly-13th December

On Friday 13th December our class held an assembly for the other first classes in the hall.  We sang ‘Two thousand years ago’ and told everybody the story of Christmas. We sang ‘Old town Road’ as Gaeilge, ‘You got a friend in me’ using our lámh signs and ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas’. We really enjoyed it as did all the other first classes. We got a huge applause.

Procedural Writing

We have been learning about Procedural writing.Procedural writing is used when we are writing instructions. We discussed how to make sandwiches step by step. Then we made our own cheese sandwiches.   We also made Oreo truffles and wrote about it afterwards. They were really yummy.

Our Solar System

We have been learning all about our solar system. We looked at all the planets and learned a rhyme to remember them all.        ‘My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Noodles’ Our solar system consists of eight planets which all orbit around our home star: the Sun.All these things are made possible by the Sun. The Sun is a star made of burning gas. It is closer to us than any other star. Without the.

Science Week 11th-15th November

We had a great time exploring a variety of science activities this week. ‘Junior Einstein’ put on a shoe for us in the hall. James the scientist showed us how to make slime. He also showed us how to make electricity and even lightning. On Thursday ‘Red Squirrel’ from OWLS (Outdoor,Wildlife,Learning and Survival) came to visit. He brought us on a tree trail around the school. We examined closely all.


On Tuesdays we are having GAA training. Seán our trainer is helping us improve our football and hurling skills up on the astro pitch. It is great fun and hopefully in the future some of us will be playing for ‘the Dubs’.

Math’s Week- October 14th-18th

There  were plenty activities on throughout maths week that kept our math’s brain very active. We played a variety of board games in our classroom along with some interactive games on the board and the Ipads. Each day we had to solve problems that were called out over the intercom. We also had to solve some puzzles that were displayed in the hall. Fnally we ended maths week with a.

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