Active School Week

Active Week – June 2019


Active School Week took place this year from the 10th – 14th of June. While the weather wasn’t great, spirits weren’t dampened and the week was enjoyed by all involved. Each morning, students participated in ‘Wake Up, Shake Up’ activities which involved a range of exercises and a different dance each morning. Each class in the school participated in ‘Kickboxing’ and ‘Ultimate Frisbee’ at different stages during the week and really enjoyed the excellent coaches. At the start of the week, second classes engaged with Athletics where they learnt a variety of new skills. Senior Infants also participated in basketball skills under the guidance of Ms. Healy.

A range of other activities including ‘Active picnics’, ‘Hoola-hoop competitions’ and marathons also took place during the week. Many thanks to everyone involved!


June 2018 – Active Week

Active Week took place from the 18th to the 22nd of June 2018. The sun was shining and we all enjoyed engaging with lots of extra activities. We were very lucky that some coaches came to visit out school. Each class learnt some new kickboxing techniques. Students in Junior and Senior Infants learnt some new dance moves from Michaela, a dancing instructor. Students in First Class completed Athletics training with Collette while students in Second Class participated in Tug of War training. A big thank you to the wonderful coaches who visited our school!
Wake-Up, Shake-Up took place again every morning – it was great to see lots of participation from pupils, parents and teachers! Each class had their own hula-hoop competition. Following this, the winners from each class came together to see who would be crowned the ‘Hula-Hoop Champion’. The teachers even had their own hula-hoop competition aswell! One highlight of the week was when the teachers and parents (cheered on by the great student support from First and Second Class) joined forces for a soccer match. This year, we had a whole school dance. We spent some time learning the dance moves to ‘Waka Waka’ (which tied in with the World Cup). The students in each class gathered together on the last day of Active Week to do the whole school dance together in the First and Second Class yard.


     During the week, each class took part in the ‘School Marathon’. Each class aimed to run our ‘Slí na Sláinte’ five times throughout the week. Running the ‘Slí na Sláinte’ five times adds up to one full mile. There was some competition between classes to see who would reach the first mile! 🙂


Thanks so Ms. Sheey’s second class who created a colourful timetable so that we could keep an eye on the activities that were happening each day.


Active School Week 2017 

Active School Week took place from the 10th to the 14th of July. It was a very energetic week, enjoyed by all participants. Lots of different activities kept everyone busy throughout the week. Junior classes had an activity picnic – there were lots of ball games, parachute games and races  enjoyed and we were very lucky with the sunshine! 

‘Walk a mile with a Smile’ took place on Wednesday – it was great to see so many parents and grandparents join us for the walk 🙂

Children in First and Second class took a stroll to the local park to participate in the novelty races. There was lots of excitement during the three legged race, egg and spoon race and sack race!

It was great to see so many parents take part in the ‘Parent / Teacher match’ – the sun shone brightly as pupils gathered on the Astro pitch to cheer on the combined teams of parents and teachers. Well done to everyone who participated!


Active School Week 2016

June 13th-17th 2016

A fantastic fun-filled week was had by everyone in St.Fiachra’s Junior School.
We really enjoyed getting out and about and together we completed our School Marathon over the five days.
The children enjoyed visits from Collette Quinn (Athletics coach) from Raheny shamrocks and Steven from Ultimate Frisbee Ireland.
Many of our classes got to wind down and experience the many benefits of yoga with a visit from some wonderful local yoga instructors.


On Tuesday we walked ‘A mile with a Smile’ around the community and were delighted that so many of our parents could join us on our walk.
Skipathons, Hoola hoop competition and Activity picnics were enjoyed by all over the course of the week as were our action packed ‘Sports for all’ days. Our Mums and Dads and staff members also got a chance to get active in our friendly soccer match on the Astro pitch on Thursday.  Euro 2016 all the way!!!

We always like to do our bit for charity during Active School Week and were delighted that we were able to raise over €800 for Hope Foundation through our Jersey Day.
Well done everyone!





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We look forward to planning our Active School Week 2016. Dates coming soon!!!


Some photos of Active School Week 2015

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Wake-Up/Shake-Up Mornings

DSCF9850 DSCF9849 DSCF9847 DSCF9848 DSCF9846 DSCF9844

Staff and Parents Soccer Match

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One of the highlights of our school calendar has to be our Active school week. This year our Active School Week will take place from June 8th- June 12th 2015

We have lots of exciting activities, both indoors and outdoors, planned for the coming week. To enable your child to fully participate in all activities, children are asked to wear their school tracksuit every day next week.

Parents you can also play a very important part in our Active Schools Week by walking to school on as many days as possible both next week and for the rest of the summer term. Join us for our ‘wake-up/shake-up mornings’-some fun exercise in our líne before we start our day.  Come with us on Tuesday 9th June at 10.35am approx. as we leave the school grounds and ‘Walk a mile with a smile’. Cheer on some of our staff and parents, together in a game of mini soccer on the Astro turf on Thursday at 1.45 pm approx.

Friday is ‘Jersey Day for Nepal’. The children are asked to wear a jersey/sports t-shirt of their choice and make a €2 contribution to this worthy cause if they wish.

Our ‘Sports for all’ days are as follows:

Junior Infants- Tuesday 9th

Senior Infants-Friday 12th

First Class-Thursday 11th

Second Class-Wednesday 10th

The children are encouraged to bring extra water on this day.


We cannot wait!!!!!!!

Some snapshots from Active School week 2014

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