Active School Week


We look forward to planning our Active School Week 2016. Dates coming soon!!!

Some photos of Active School Week 2015

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Wake-Up/Shake-Up Mornings

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Staff and Parents Soccer Match

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One of the highlights of our school calendar has to be our Active school week. This year our Active School Week will take place from June 8th- June 12th 2015

We have lots of exciting activities, both indoors and outdoors, planned for the coming week. To enable your child to fully participate in all activities, children are asked to wear their school tracksuit every day next week.

Parents you can also play a very important part in our Active Schools Week by walking to school on as many days as possible both next week and for the rest of the summer term. Join us for our ‘wake-up/shake-up mornings’-some fun exercise in our líne before we start our day.  Come with us on Tuesday 9th June at 10.35am approx. as we leave the school grounds and ‘Walk a mile with a smile’. Cheer on some of our staff and parents, together in a game of mini soccer on the Astro turf on Thursday at 1.45 pm approx.

Friday is ‘Jersey Day for Nepal’. The children are asked to wear a jersey/sports t-shirt of their choice and make a €2 contribution to this worthy cause if they wish.

Our ‘Sports for all’ days are as follows:

Junior Infants- Tuesday 9th

Senior Infants-Friday 12th

First Class-Thursday 11th

Second Class-Wednesday 10th

The children are encouraged to bring extra water on this day.


We cannot wait!!!!!!!

Some snapshots from Active School week 2014

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