A busy October!!


We have been very busy in room 20!!

We started off the month with our sponsored walk. We were so lucky that it was such a beautiful and sunny day!
Here we are after we finished the walk:

It was also Maths Week during October. We did lots of fun maths games, and also worked together to design our own Maths door for our classroom!! Everyone got a sheet where they could plan out how their Maths door would look. There were so many great ideas it was hard to choose just one, so we combined all of our great ideas and worked together to create this!

Each group was in charge of a different element, we think it turned out brilliantly! 🙂
Our Maths topic for this month was data. We were learning about bar graphs and pictograms, and discussed how we could take information from these charts.
We came up with a question as a class and made our own bar chart using post-its.

Then we got to do our favourite activity – making a bar chart about smarties!
Everyone got a mini box of smarties which they had to sort into colours.

We then placed then on our bar chart template to see which colour we had the most and least of! It was so interesting to see the differences in everyone’s chart!W

After making the charts we got to our favourite part – we got to eat them!! 😀

After all of our hard work in October we couldn’t wait for Halloween!
We had loads of fun dressing up in our costumes, and had a popcorn party to celebrate the midterm!

We had a great month!!